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The Alphabet Lesson Plan + Presentation | ESL Lessons

Lesson plan

Lesson: “The alphabet”

Time: 30 minutes

Context: Checking in at a hotel


– Set the context by showing the students different pictures of hotels and receptions. Ask him/her what they can see in the pictures. 

– On another slide, show them the following questions 

  • What’s the first thing to do when you arrive at a hotel?
  • How often do you stay at hotels when you travel?
  • What information do they ask you when you check into a hotel?

-Talk to the student to set the context and break the ice. 


– Ask the student if he/she has ever had a problem during the check-in at a hotel.

– Ask him/her what might happen if you have an uncommon name.

Try to elicit that the receptionist will often ask you to spell your name if it’s uncommon.


-Show the student a slide with the English alphabet and the Spanish alphabet. Ask him/her what the difference is. (They are supposed to mention the “ñ”)

-Show the phonemes of all the letters and practice the pronunciation of each letter until the student can repeat them correctly. 

Controlled practice

-Show the student a slide with the question:

  • How do you spell…?

Explain to them what the question means and show them the following questions:

  • How do you spell your first name?
  • How do you spell your last name? 
  • How do you spell “understand”? 

Make the student answer the questions. Give positive feedback and reinforce possible pronunciation mistakes. 

Freer practice

-Give the student the following instruction:

Spell the name of the objects you can see around you. 



See workbook on PDF