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Ejercicios de Adjetivos Posesivos en Inglés (PDF)

Bienvenido a nuestra sección de ejercicios de adjetivos posesivos en inglés PDF. Puedes visualizar los ejercicios abajo e imprimir la plantilla para completar los ejercicios de manera física, ya sea en casa o en el salón de clases. 

Puedes descargar los ejercicios de adjetivos posesivos en versión PDF gratis presionando el botón de abajo. Allí encontrarás la hoja de respuestas para que puedas corregir los ejercicios. 

Adjetivos posesivos PDF

Select the correct option in each case.

1- “Her” refers to female / male.
2- “He” refers to female / male.
3- “His” refers to female / male.
4- “She” refers to female / male.
5- He / his is my football coach.
6- That’s she / her house.
7- My sister is very intelligent. Her / She is the best in her / she class.
8- Where is Phil? His / He is in he / his bedroom.
9- What’s your mother’s name? Her / She’s name is Kate.
10- I love my brother. His / He’s name is Richard.


Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive adjective.

11 – Three students broke the window. _____ names are Mike, Peter, and Joe.
12 – We are brothers, and they are _____ parents.
13 – I have a pet. _____ name is Chester.
14 – Kendall Jenner is a famous model. _____ sisters are The Kardashians.
15 – You are Michael Wallace! What is _____ favorite movie, Michael?
16 – My sister has a boyfriend. _____ name is Jack.
17 – We love our parents. _____ names are Andrew and Brenna.
18 – I am Betty. _____ last name is Peterson.
19 – Someone left _____ book in the classroom.
20 – Alex and I go to the same class. _____ teacher is fantastic.

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